Sparking curiosity and a joyful love of learning
Co-educational prep school for children aged 3 to 11
A friendly, kind and inclusive school
Co-educational prep school for children aged 3 to 11
Academic excellence within an ethos of strong pastoral care
Co-educational prep school for children aged 3 to 11

Welcome to Blackheath Prep

“a happy and vibrant environment in which children feel safe, valued and supported”

We’re a happy and thriving co-educational prep school for children aged 3 to 11. Located in an idyllic setting on the edge of the heath close to Blackheath Village, the five-acre site offers superb specialist facilities, large playgrounds, forest school areas and extensive playing fields.

At Blackheath Prep we are committed to achieving academic excellence within an ethos of strong pastoral care and supported by a rich and varied extra-curricular programme. We encourage each child to grasp every opportunity available to them so they can achieve their personal bests and leave us, aged 11, well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Our teachers work hard both in and outside the classroom, to ensure that life for the children within our care is stimulating and exciting. We seek to ignite their natural curiosity for the world and to develop their skills and character.

In Year 6, children are well prepared for the 11+ examinations and we work in partnership with parents to ensure the right school is selected for each child. Results of the Year 6 leavers at Blackheath Prep are exceptional.

It is a great privilege and responsibility to be involved in educating and shaping the lives of your children. If you are considering the school, I hope our website will give you a flavour of our ethos and what we stand for.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Alex Matthews, Head

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The curriculum at Blackheath Prep is designed to be broad, balanced, challenging, exciting and enjoyable. It focuses on the acquisition of skills, provides opportunities to learn and achieve, prepares pupils for their future and promotes their wider moral, social, cultural, emotional and physical development. We aim to instil in the children a willingness to learn and a desire to succeed.


At Blackheath Prep extra-curricular activities play an important role in the life of the school and all pupils are encouraged to participate in our extra-curricular programme. There is a wide range of clubs available which are run by both external specialists and our own teaching staff. These clubs provide an excellent opportunity for the children to broaden their education with activities that they may not study as part of the curriculum during the school day.

Pupil Wellbeing

The children’s happiness and wellbeing is of paramount importance. At Blackheath Prep we actively promote a happy and vibrant environment in which children feel safe, valued and supported. We aim to develop the children’s confidence and self-worth by offering them a huge range of opportunities in which they can achieve success. We truly believe a happy, secure and confident child will make excellent progress in all areas of their school life.

Meet the Senior Staff

Alex Matthews


Clare Dawe

Assistant Head (Academic)

Melissa Forbes

Head of Early Years

Claire Wates

Head of Pre-Prep

Phil Watkins

Assistant Head (Pastoral)

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"Excellent teachers who genuinely care about their work and the children they look after. The varied curriculum is great"
“Wonderful, caring teachers and a lovely atmosphere”
“The children are offered an exciting curriculum with amazing facilities to help them”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Nursery place at Blackheath Prep?

We have two intakes for a Nursery place at Blackheath Prep, in September and January.
The registration form for the September Nursery intake should be received by 1st January. For the January Nursery intake, the registration form should be received by 1st September.
The registration form can be downloaded from the Admissions tab on the Blackheath Prep website.

What hours does the Nursery operate?

Our nursery is term-time only.  For children in Nursery A (January intake), parents can choose for their child to attend for the morning (without lunch) from 9am – 12.20pm or for a full day until either 3.15pm or 5pm.

For the first term in Nursery 1 and 2 (September intake) parents will be able to choose whether their child stays for the morning (without lunch) from 9am – 12.20pm or for a full day until either 3.15pm or 5pm.

From the Spring and Summer Terms of Nursery 1 and 2, the mandatory Nursery day will run from 9am – 3.15pm for all children. Children may continue to arrive any time from 8.30am – 9am and remain at school until 5pm if parents wish them to do so.

How do you select children for a place in the Nursery?

We invite children to come and visit us at the school for an assessment. This lasts for approximately 30 minutes and is done on a one-to-one basis with an experienced member of staff with a sound knowledge of the Early Years. We do not tell the children they are being assessed and we encourage parents to keep it as stress-free as possible, perhaps by telling children they are going to meet a new teacher and play. The most important thing is that your child is happy and relaxed on the day.

What are we looking for in the assessment?

We are looking for children with high levels of engagement, good levels of concentration, perseverance, independence and imagination. An awareness of numbers and letters will be assessed but is not a primary element. You can support your child at home by providing activities that capture your child’s interests.  Engage your child in meaningful talk, share books and encourage back-and-forth interactions to introduce and explore new vocabulary and concepts.  Provide opportunities for your child to be independent, allow them to attempt things that they may find challenging and give them time to complete simple tasks on their own.  Nurture your child’s curiosity, let your child play, have fun and explore!

What if my child is unwell?

If your child is unwell on the day, we ask that you call the Admissions team to rearrange the assessment for another day.

Do you cater for children whose first language is not English?

At Blackheath Prep we are proud to welcome children with a diverse range of languages. It is important that parents tell us about which languages your child speaks and what percentage of time each language is spoken.  During the assessment, we will quickly determine your child’s level of understanding of spoken English and may request that a parent support them with any language based aspects of the assessment.

Child’s Date of Birth/Age

A child’s age and which month they are born is always taken into account when we do the assessments.

Do spaces become available in other years at Blackheath Prep?

Yes, spaces occasionally become available in other years. Please contact the Admissions team for details on 020 8305 5062 or email

School Fees

Termly Fees for Academic Year 2020-21

Fees effective as of 1st September 2020 and are subject to annual review.


8.30am – 12.20pm £2,730
8.30am – 3.15pm £3,730
8.30am – 5.00pm £4,400





Contact Us

If you would like to discuss applying for a place at Blackheath Prep or would like to arrange a school visit,
please contact our Admissions Team on 020 8305 5062 or email